About Us

We offer peace of mind for building owners by providing an independent auditing service of a building’s essential safety measures. This ensures the building complies with all relevant building codes and legislation and offers a safe environment – protecting building owners and occupants.

Why Choose Us?

Essential Services Compliance Pty Ltd has established itself as a market leader within the Essential Safety Measures industry, and for good reason.

Essential Services Compliance Pty Ltd employs highly trained staff who are expert at independently inspecting and auditing buildings to ensure their essential safety measures are maintained and compliant. Our staff are professional, reliable and responsive and have specialised and current knowledge of the latest building codes and regulations.

Building regulations vary according to the use of the building – whether residential, retail, commercial or mixed-use. We are expert in auditing any type of building.

Our audit and inspection processes are fully automated and electronically scheduled. This ensures that audits are conducted in a timely fashion and compliance issues don’t slip through the cracks.

Essential Services Compliance Pty Ltd is part of the Network Pacific Group of Companies which provides a one-stop-shop to all your strata management, essential services, maintenance and real estate needs. We also offer value-added services such as building products at warehouse prices, communal car sharing services and car park locks to enhance your experience. This means that all your essential services, strata management and associated needs can be met by one company. This simplified approach of dealing with just one point of contact saves valuable time and money.

We are up-front with our competitive fee. There are no hidden costs and no fine print.  Because we tailor a solution to your individual needs, you only pay for what you need.

Our professional, responsive and pleasant approach to managing our clients’ essential services needs has led to very high customer satisfaction levels, and enduring and rewarding partnerships.

Speak to one of our friendly consultants today for a no-obligation discussion and quote on how Essential Services Compliance Pty Ltd can take care of your essential services needs.

How we help

Essential Safety Measures are systems, structures and equipment required in buildings to help ensure the health and safety of occupants in the event of fire and/or evacuation. By law all buildings are required to undergo Essential Safety Measures certification annually. Victorian Building Regulations set out the required safety measures and maintenance provisions. Part 12 of the latest Building Regulations 2006 in Victoria has aligned the Essential Safety Measures maintenance requirements with the maintenance provisions outlined in sections 1.1 – 1.13 of the Building Code of Australia.

Essential Services Compliance Pty Ltd independently manages buildings’ essential safety measures to ensure that they are compliant with all relevant legislation. Our audit process involves checking that contractors have been carrying out the building’s maintenance schedule according to the building’s Certificate of Occupancy.

We carry out quarterly routine inspections which form the basis of completing the annual Essential Safety Measures Report, required by law. Through these inspections Essential Services Compliance identifies any breaches of the maintenance schedule and any items that are non-compliant. We offer expert advice to building owners to help redress any non-compliance items.

We have you covered in no time

The process of contracting Essential Services Compliance Pty Ltd is straight forward. Our streamlined approach means that we have all bases covered, leaving you to get on with living.

Once you contract us, the first step is to identify assets by way of reviewing the original certificate of occupancy. We then prepare and finalise an audit schedule.

Each building has a customised audit manual prepared which is based on the original certificate of occupancy and identifies each essential service that is required to be part of the audit process.

Our highly trained and qualified staff, with the aid of our in-house proprietary software have developed a detailed approach to auditing buildings with a view to achieving the highest standards. Each contractor is inducted and accredited through our 24:sevenconnect software. This software ensures that maintenance contractors are available 24/7 around the clock so that any identified safety or maintenance issues can be rectified immediately.