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Essential Services Compliance specialises in providing a wide range of services to assist all building owners help meet their legal obligations relating to essential services compliance.

We offer the following services:

Creating an Audit Inspection Manual

Each site is independently inspected and reconciled against the original certificate of occupancy. Once this process is completed, an audit inspection manual is prepared and uploaded into our proprietary software. This ensures that our process is automated and streamlined and all required checks and audits are completed when they need to be.

The manual is updated once the identified audits, inspections and safety measures reports are conducted, whereby we collect and transpose information into the manual. This information will include, but is not limited to:

  • Building details
  • Maintenance contractor details
  • Inspection frequencies
  • Inspection records for 12 months
  • The Annual Essential Safety Measures Report

The manual is simple to use, and adopts a simple step-by-step approach to compliance.

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